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Photo Application

The Roland DG SOLJET PRO series enables you to print stunning large scale photographs

Photo rendering is always difficult, as it demands a quality printer that balances colors and nuances perfectly. The SOLJET PRO series is ideal for this, because of the use of light black ink that renders the tones and contrasts of the photographs perfectly and makes for amazingly rich details.

This makes it possible to catch the tiny nuances and emotions that make your photographs stand out. That is the reason why world renowned photographers already name the SOLJET PRO series printers as their favorites when it comes to printing large scale photographs for exhibitions.

High quality photo printers
Choose the printer that suits your needs. If you are looking for impeccable print quality the XR-640 is the perfect match. The XR-640 is equipped with the latest print head technology. The print heads deliver drops in seven different sizes, and optimizes the image quality for the material and resolution you selected. Combined with the new ink, the print heads ensure that even the smallest details are accurately printed.

If extremely fast printing is your number one priority the XF-640 will suit your needs.
The XF-640 is about 2.5 times faster than its predecessor (the XJ-640) and achieves a maximum speed of 102m²/h in banner printing. This combined speed and quality makes the XF-640 the perfect device for the production of large volumes.

Make your visions come alive
So why let your photographs be compromised by slow and blurry prints when the Roland DG SOLJET PRO series let’s your photographs reflect your work and creativity.

It is inevitable that digital printing is the future for photography. Digital printing provides a range of possibilities that haven’t been seen before. The variation in media, with its varying structures, surfaces and thickness adds new dimensions to your work and provides additional room for creativity. Exactly what you need to transform your imagination into reality.