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XpertTryk - instantaneous success with the help of Roland DG 1

XpertTryk - instantaneous success with the help of Roland DG

Even though the Danish printing company XpertTryk was only established few months ago, they have already managed to establish a solid base of satisfied customers that are acting as ambassadors. This would not have been possible without the help of their two Roland printers the VersaUV LEF-20 and the BN-20 desktop printer and cutter, which have been a part of the company since day one.

Never underestimate good word of mouth
Owner Tomas Mygind established the company on 1 July 2014, soon after he hired Cathrine Katzmann to market the company.  At this point the two of them are the only employees at XpertTryk- besides the two Roland printers, that is.  

Even though the company is still brand new, they have already managed to create a large customer base consisting of booth private consumers and companies.

They reason for  XpertTryk’s instant success is without a doubt the fact that satisfied customers are the best ambassadors: ”As soon as people get the product between their hands and experience the quality- they tell other people about it” says Tomas.


The customer is the center of attention
Before he established XpertTryk, Tomas was the co-owner of the successful Danish coaching business Matchgruppen. What differentiated Matchgruppen from other coaching business was that they wanted to give the costumers a unique personal experience where Matchgruppen was a part of the whole process.

Tomas wanted to combine this philosophy with his long-term interest in printing and that was how XpertTryk was born. “There are many sign and print companies in Denmark- but what differentiates us is that we aim to give the customer an individual experience, where they are the center of attention. We want to meet the customers where they are and give them what they need in just few days,” Says Tomas.

XpertTryk has three main groups of customers; Families that usually need printed cups, iPhone covers, children’s lunchboxes and the like. Triathletes and other athletes that are into extreme sports like triathlons and need sponsor prints on their sportswear or stickers for their bikes. The last customer group are entrepreneurs that buy XpertTryk’s special offers for newly started businesses so they can brand themselves with pens and business cards without having to pay expensive start up fees.

Imagination is the only limit
When we asked Tomas and Cathrine which products they usually print on they laughed and replied that it would be easier to tell us which product they don’t print on: ”We print on virtually anything our printers allow us to- and that’s a lot of different thing” says Cathrine laughing. Much like Roland DG’s famous slogan- at XpertTryk the only limit is the imagination of the customers.


Roland was the obvious choice!
When Tomas was choosing which company he should buy his printers from it was a no brainer:”If we were to have a stable and efficient production, we needed to go with a good brand of printers. This was why Roland was the obvious choice for us” says Tomas.

Tomas has not regretted the choice of purchasing the VersaUV LEF-20: “The main thing I appreciate about the LEF-20 is the versatility. There are almost no limits to what you can print on! I also like the fact that it is so precise. You just throw in a jig and the printer makes sure to print perfectly on the exact same spot on every object. On top of that the longevity is remarkable- You can carry your business cards around in your pocket without the print wearing off!”

XpertTryk are also happy with the BN-20 desktop solution. “I am very impressed with the precision, speed and reliability of the BN-20. It never makes any errors- the only errors that occur, are the ones we make our selves!” says Tomas smiling.

Catrine who had not worked with printers before also appreciates the user-friendliness of the BN-20:”The BN-20 is super easy to use and that goes for the software as well,” she says.

The future definitely looks bright for XpertTryk and Tomas does not regret anything: “I would buy the exact same printers today. It was that good of a choice!” he concludes.

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